Interoperable Mobile Payment Switch


ProgressSoft’s Interoperable Mobile Payment Switch is a world-first innovation that grants an open system for mobile payment service providers and allows for interoperability among them. It enables the regulatory body to assume its clearing, switching and monitoring role in the mobile payments cycle.

The real-time payment switch operates on a 24x7 basis to process and switch mobile financial and non-financial transactions as well as interbank and interprocessor mobile payment transactions in a straight-through processing manner.



Open Architecture

PS-mpClear facilitates the registration of mobile payment service providers with the regulatory body and achieves full interoperability among them through an open system architecture between all financial institutions and settlement systems that supports ISO 20022 for message exchange.

Open Architecture
Mobile Payment Types

Mobile Payment Types

PS-mpClear supports numerous mobile payment types including but not limited to person-to-person money transfers, person-to-business bills and subscriptions, person-to-government taxes, person-to-merchant e-commerce and point-of-sale transactions, in addition to business-to-person salaries and pensions.

Client Types

PS-mpClear enables business administrators and system operators at the regulatory body to define different client types that are allowed to register at financial institutions and utilize mobile payment services.

Client Types

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Dynamic Regulation

PS-mpClear enables the regulatory body to define and configure rules related to the allowed payment types, limits associated with each payment service (minimum or maximum amounts), as well as sender and receiver client types. This allows the system to automate validations for exchanged transactions based on the regulatory body’s rules and regulations.

Vital Integrations

PS-mpClear provides the regulatory body with the means to assure the compliance of mobile payment service providers with its regulations including Know Your Customer (KYC) and blacklisting of users through seamless integrations with systems such as Anti-Money Laundering (AML) among others.

Centralized Database

PS-mpClear provides the regulatory body with a centralized national record of all participants in the mobile payments ecosystem including end users, merchants, mobile network operators, utility companies, governmental agencies and any stakeholders utilizing mobile payment services.

Valuable Parameters

PS-mpClear operates on a 24x7 basis and supports defining the business day schedule of operations including cut-off times and settlement integration schedules. This is in addition to defining transaction limits and daily debit caps for payment service providers, as well as suspending any violators.

Accounts & Settlement

PS-mpClear integrates with the regulatory body’s settlement system to perform the settlement of payments between participant banks that offer virtual settlement accounts for mobile payment service providers. It also allows the regulatory body to manage those accounts and define transaction limits.

Billing Subsystem

PS-mpClear incorporates a billing subsystem that can be utilized to collect fees and charges from participants’ mobile payment processors on a transaction-by-transaction basis, or a periodic service subscription basis.

Secure Communication

PS-mpClear utilizes Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) based secure communication across all interfaces for guaranteed security. This is in addition to other advanced security measures that ensure communication is fully secured between the solution and mobile payments participant.


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