Signature Verification & Management Solution


PS-SIG is a state-of-the-art Signature Verification & Management System that manages and controls signatures and information related to your institution's clients and employees.

With experience that exceeds 25 years, PS-SIG has been enriched with features that fulfill your customer satisfaction. The system expedites the signature verification process through prompt availability of the reference signatures needed for verification and automatic check of account constraints and rules, requiring the minimum interaction from the end user.

When integrated with PS-ASV (ProgressSoft's Automatic Signature Verification Solution), PS-SIG provides automatic verification of signatures appearing on checks and financial documents. PS-ASV deploys advanced technology and artificial intelligence to analyze signature traits and characteristics in order to compare them against the traits of the reference signature.

PS-SIG also provides the ability to scan and verify biometric characteristics such as fingerprints.

Executive Overview
  • Expedited signature verification.
  • Inter-branch sharing of signature information.
  • Automatic verification of finger-prints.
  • Maintaining an unlimited number of signatures, signatories and signatory notes.
  • Support for updated versions of signatures.

PS-SIG provides three main modules that simplify and organize the huge amount of signature data.

The Client Profile Module maintains all signatures, information and account constraints related to your bank clients, while the Bank Officer Module comprises signatures of your bank employees who are permitted to sign for the bank.

The Corresponding Bank Module holds the signatures of Bank Officers of local and foreign banks who have the special privilege of signing checks and other financial documents for their banks.

PS-SIG embraces other modules that offer:

  • CD Publishing of all your bank officers' signatures which may be shared with other banks for verification and authentication purposes.
  • Book Printing of your bank officers' signatures, without the need of time and cost incurring press printing services.
  • CD Importer to smoothly import the vast collection of Bank Officers' signatures and related data of other banks that also use PS-SIG, to be input as its Corresponding Bank records.
  • Security against deceitful access and preserving data integrity with full audit trail reporting facilities, complete user management, login management and multiple levels of authority.
  • Reporting with a wide number of pre-defined and customizable reports to serve the user's needs.

PS-SIG's array of exceptional advantages include:

Expedited Verification Process
PS-SIG speeds up your verification process through streamlining teller transactions, caching of most frequently used foreign signatures, using an unlimited number of scan forms to capture single or multiple signatures from the signature card and sorting signatures according to various parameters.

Enormous Archival Capabilities
PS-SIG stores an unlimited number of signatures, signatories or signatory notes per account. Signature data are easily retrieved by indexing as per account number, account name, signatory name or even notes.

Signature Versions
PS-SIG enables authorized users to update reference signatures while maintaining old signatures which can be later looked up, and preserve all changes occurring to signature data, each as a separate version.

Finger-Print Verification
PS-SIG embraces biometric identification technology to facilitate automatic verification of fingerprints. During enrollment of new fingerprints, the system uses image quality determination to ensure that only the best quality fingerprint is stored into the database. Fast, easy and reliable fingerprint matching can take place, thus furnishing a secure, identity specific means of verification for any kind of official document.

Rules and Account Constraints
PS-SIG enables the bank to reflect the withdrawal limitations and account constraints that control the authorization of each cosigner. PS-SIG automatically checks the authority and validity of the signer against these pre-defined rules and limitations, thus extending the security and authenticity of the system's verification process.

Product Suites

Automatic Signature Verification Solution
Automatic Signature Verification - Software Development Kit (SDK)

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