Signature Verification & Management Solution


ProgressSoft’s Signature Verification and Management solution automates the signature verification process and facilitates the retrieval, management and storage of an unlimited number of signatures for Financial Institutions (FIs).

The intelligent solution automates the signature verification workflow and handles all data related to signatures by providing prompt access to reference signatures and automatically examining account limits and rules for minimal interaction required by authorized users.



Streamlined Verification

PS-SIG expedites the signature verification process through streamlining teller transactions, caching frequently used foreign signatures, capturing single or multiple signatures from the signature card and sorting signatures according to various parameters.

Streamlined Verification
Enormous Archival Capabilities

Enormous Archival Capabilities

PS-SIG stores an unlimited number of signatures, signatories or signatory notes per account. Signature data is easily retrieved by indexing according to account number, account name, or signatory name.

Rules and Account Limits

PS-SIG enables financial institutions to reflect withdrawal and account limits that control the authorizations of each signatory. It also automatically checks the authority and validity of the signatory against predefined rules to maintain the authenticity of the signature verification process.

Rules and Account Limits

More features

Signature Versions

PS-SIG enables authorized users to update reference signatures while also maintaining outdated signatures. It preserves all changes on signature data via several versions which can be found on the system and defines an expiry date for each signatory.

Advanced Security

PS-SIG is designed to protect against fraudulent access and preserve data integrity. The system includes full audit trail reporting facilities which log all access to the system. Log reports provide information on any access attempts and password errors encountered during the day.

Client Profile Module

PS-SIG comprises a client profile module that maintains the financial institution clients’ signatures and information. It also enables the user to operate and manage customer signatures efficiently as well as apply account limits and rules.

FI Officers Module

PS-SIG comprises a financial institution officers module containing signatures of financial institution employees authorized to sign on behalf of the financial institution. These signatures are maintained in a separate database along with all the necessary data about each employee.

Corresponding FI Module

PS-SIG comprises a corresponding financial institution module that holds the signatures of the financial institution’s officers in local and foreign branches who are authorized to sign checks and financial documents for their financial institutions.

Book Printing

PS-SIG offers a book which includes all the signatures of the financial institution’s officers. The book and all updates can be printed in various layouts internally without incurring press printing services and costs, while guaranteeing complete control and security over the printing process.

Authorization Levels

PS-SIG users can perform a variety of actions in the system including creating, modifying, closing and deleting accounts with two levels of authorization including maker and checker and full approval according to the authority matrix before a signature is posted to the database.


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