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Microfinance Institutions

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Central Bank Digital Currency

Central Bank Digital Currency

Regulated national digital currency built on centralized or Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT).

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Payments Hub Platform

Payments Hub Platform

Centralized orchestrator for all payment types and networks locally and internationally.

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User Experience Mistakes to Avoid in Digital Banking

It is quite easy for banks to miss the mark when it comes to user experience design and create a product that frustrates or alienates users. Here are 5 common UX mistakes in digital banking, and how you can avoid them.

We provide tailored, interoperable and advanced payment solutions to set off your digital transformation journey.

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ProgressSoft at The Silk Road Conference 2023

ProgressSoft at The Silk Road Conference 2023

We invite financial institutions to discover our innovative solutions at The Silk Road Conference; from central bank digital currency and instant payments to payments hub, buy now pay later solutions and more of which will also be presented in two insightful presentations and a panel discussion.
27 – 29 Mar 2023
Rixos Almaty Hotel, Almaty, Kazakhstan

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