How CBDCs can
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Webinar on CBDC challenges, potential and use cases.
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Electronic Check Issuance
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frictionless banking

Digital Banking Platform
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SWIFT CBPR+ Ready Payments Hub
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central bank digital currency

Blockchain-based CBDC
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Innovating the world’s most advanced payment solutions since 1989

Central Bank Digital Currency

Central Bank Digital Currency

Regulated national digital currency built on blockchain technology and authorized by the central bank.

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Payments Hub Platform

Payments Hub Platform

Centralized orchestrator for all payment types and networks locally and internationally.

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Real talk by real-time payment experts

Why Repurpose Your Existing On-Premises Infrastructure?

Financial institutions repurposing their existing on-premises infrastructure to adopt a cloud-based environment is the wisest executive decision any enterprise can make, according to ProgressSoft’s Yazan Al-Bakheit. Find out why – and how.

We provide tailored, interoperable and advanced payment solutions to set off your digital transformation journey.

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ProgressSoft at DigiBank Africa Summit 2022 Kigali

ProgressSoft at DigiBank Africa Summit 2022 Kigali

Ready to reimagine the future of banking? Join us for live demonstrations of our newly launched Digital Banking Platform, serving both corporate and retail customers starting from digital customer onboarding, to intelligent, intuitive and interoperable banking services.
29 - 30 June 2022
Kigali Convention Centre, Kigali, Rwanda

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