A National Endeavor: The ProgressSoft Lab

A National Endeavor: The ProgressSoft Lab

Believing in human capital as the most valuable resource that Jordan exports to the globe, ProgressSoft always initiates ventures that assist in elevating the education of students in the Information Technology field, so, when the opportunity to revamp a computer lab for the University of Jordan came up, so has a new vision for ProgressSoft; a vision that extends to a bigger purpose; greater impact; and the beginning of a national endeavor:

‘To create a lab for the King Abdullah II School of Information Technology that not only provides an avant-garde learning environment to students of the University of Jordan but stands as a prototype that steers an inspiring national endeavor for all corporations to offer their support in the advancement, encouragement and reform in the learning capabilities of all students in Jordan.’

Inspiring Generations

At The ProgressSoft Lab, all interior design elements were carefully reviewed to transform the computer lab, hallway and recession area on the same floor into dynamic, productive and inspiring spaces that help establish a sense of community between students and their university, encourage creativity and persistence inside and outside of the classroom, and ultimately inspire generations to come.

Inspiring Generations


The fundamental first step was deciding on the most efficient layout that encourages interaction between students in a convenient and comfortable space. Accordingly, the ProgressSoft computer lab enhances the educational environment by creating pleasant and positive spaces in which both students and educators can excel.


The ProgressSoft lab utilizes the latest technologies including a smart classroom display, video conferencing system and top-of-the-line computers.


The ProgressSoft lab, hallway and recession area are furnished with comfortable, state-of-the-art chairs, desks and tables which were carefully picked with durability as a basic principle in mind to minimize maintenance cost and prolong the integrity of the space.


Lighting distribution as well as its hue was studied to be in accordance with world-class standards to create a comfortable ambience for students and educators across the ProgressSoft lab, hallway and recession area.



Sound quality was taken into consideration in the ProgressSoft lab where acoustical wall panels are proposed to minimize any noise that may be emitted from the use of keyboards as an example.


The theme of the ProgressSoft lab, hallway and recession area is ‘Think Global’. The rationale behind the theme is to motivate, inspire and encourage students to always think outside of the box, dream big, to pursue and persist, and more importantly to think global as the Information Technology field is one that is unconfined by borders.



The graphics disbursed in the ProgressSoft lab, hallway and recession area fall in line with the theme and include quotes by renowned international experts in addition to words of motivation that encourage and inspire students.

Color Scheme

The colors used in all graphics across the ProgressSoft lab are inspired by the colors of Spring, chosen based on their psychological influence and ability to emit positive energy, motivate and represent continued progress.


Let’s Talk!

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