Enabling Financial Inclusion by Developing Economies

Enabling Financial Inclusion by Developing Economies

In Volume Fourteen of the Journal of Payments Strategy & Systems, ProgressSoft’s Lead Mobile Payments Technologist, Nabeel Ghunaim, addresses the adverse effects of closed-loop mobile payments on developing economies and investigates several market-led attempts to overcome the barriers of closed-loop mobile payments and enhance financial inclusion.

The published paper, Enabling Financial Inclusion in Developing Economies, also describes the approaches taken by Tanzania, Pakistan and Jordan, their challenges and outcomes, and provides comprehensive insights on:

  • Closed-loop mobile payments
  • Merchants and closed-loop mobile payments
  • Interoperability in developing economies
  • Bilateral mobile payment arrangement
  • Commercial mobile payment switch
  • National mobile payment switch
  • Implementation model assessment
  • How a national mobile payment switch works

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