My Personal Journey with ProgressSoft’s CSD Program

My Personal Journey with ProgressSoft’s CSD Program

In case you don’t already know, ProgressSoft offers a Company Sponsored Dissertation (CSD) program, which is basically designed to guide postgrad students in completing their dissertation projects by offering the right resources like data, tools and expert help, and an element of work experience.

Today, I’m going to talk about my very own personal experience with the company’s CSD program, how I was able to complete my thesis project with high distinction, and the obstacles I faced along the way.

Choosing my topic

Machine learning is a rapidly growing field that is revolutionizing many industries. From healthcare to finance, machine learning algorithms are being used to analyze large amounts of data and make predictions with remarkable accuracy.

I was very interested in pursuing this topic for my thesis, and when I suggested it to the ProgressSoft team, they were very excited to support me with this as they recognize the potential impact machine learning can have on the payments industry and their clients.

After which, the ProgressSoft team supported me in narrowing down the topic according to their knowledge of what the market requires and what is truly applicable in the industry. Finally, we agreed on the topic of: “Multi-step Forecasting for Time-Series Data Using Machine Learning; Stock Prices”.

Assigned mentor

Immediately after, I was assigned a mentor that heads the artificial intelligence and machine learning unit at the company. It’s safe to say that I was able to get very professional input and advice all throughout the duration of working on my thesis, not only from my mentor, but the entire team.

Their feedback and knowledge were very critical to not only directing the outline of my thesis, but also enabling me to think outside of the box and find new ways to tackle the topic – and that was key: they did not give me the fish, they taught me how to fish.

Tools and resources

It goes without saying that conducting such a program in collaboration with one of the biggest financial solutions companies comes with a lot of perks and it starts with the available tools and resources.

Other than having access to research and data that I would have never been able to reach by myself, I had the opportunity to work with cutting-edge industry tools, and with the guidance of my mentor, I was all set to map out trends and discover new information really smoothly all throughout the process.

The challenges I faced

Disclaimer: I did not only take part in ProgressSoft’s CSD program, but I also actually take part in ProgressSoft every day as a full-time DevOps Engineer/Team Lead!

So naturally, one of the biggest challenges I faced was balancing my full-time job with academic demands. Self-discipline and good time management was not optional if I wanted to stay on track with my studies and make progress while still fulfilling my job duties.

Finding the optimal balance between academic research and practical applications was another obstacle. My research had to be both academically rigorous and applicable to the company's requirements. This necessitated a comprehensive understanding of the company's goals and objectives to make sure my research satisfied both academic and practical requirements.

A rewarding outcome

Despite all the challenges, long hours and massive efforts, my experience with ProgressSoft’s CSD program and completing my thesis was extremely rewarding; I graduated with high distinction and an excellent GPA, I made significant contributions to ProgressSoft thanks to the skills and knowledge I gained along the way, and last but not least, I acquired a profound appreciation for the significance of collaboration and teamwork in research and learned how to be resilient, persistent, and inventive in the face of adversity.

To conclude, it’s highly recommended...

Completing your thesis can be both difficult and rewarding, it takes a great deal of discipline and perseverance, especially if you’re juggling work and academic obligations. But with the proper mindset and a supportive team, it’s possible to overcome these obstacles and make significant contributions to the field, and for that, I highly recommend ProgressSoft’s CSD program!

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