ProgressSoft and Integrated Solutions Ltd. Aid the Earthquake Relief Efforts in Nepal

Kathmandu, May 26, 2015

In a continuous effort to support their partners, along with their families and neighboring villages, ProgressSoft Corporation and its Nepali partner - Integrated Solutions Ltd., formed a delegation to deliver first aid supplies, food and medicine to those who are in need in Nepal’s capital city, Kathmandu and the nearby village of Shankhu, which was largely impacted by the devastating earthquakes.

The delegation headed to Nepal packing large amounts of various medical supplies and first aid equipments, in addition to canned foods, milk and other essential nutrients. The supplies were delivered by hand to citizens and medical centers as the delegation took a field trip to check on the condition of Kathmandu and the nearby village of Shankhu, offering them their condolences and sympathies after the tragic earthquakes.

ProgressSoft Corporation has been working with the Nepal Clearing House (NCHL), Nepal Rastra Bank and the Nepali banks for years now, and has developed deepened relationships with them that exceed the mere business level interaction, and reaching a humane level of empathy and friendship.

ProgressSoft employees who have been working on a project in Nepal, have returned back to Jordan recently after the first earthquake that hit Kathmandu in April, and now they have joined the delegation and headed back to Nepal once again to empathize with their peers and partners.

Once again, humanity overcomes all barriers and exceeds all limitations, proving that all nationalities of the world become united in the face of hardships and tragedies.