ProgressSoft Grants QR Code Mobile Payments in Jordan

Amman, Apr 21, 2020

ProgressSoft grants the QR code feature of its Mobile Payments Platform, PS-mPay, to assist the Jordanian government in the fight against COVID-19.

PS-mPay, which is implemented by the largest mobile payment operators in Jordan, Zain Cash and Dinarak, will now enable users to conduct payment transactions by scanning QR codes using their mobile devices at point-of-sale terminals. The QR code feature was granted by ProgressSoft to encourage contactless payments at all transaction levels and support the payments ecosystem in Jordan during these turbulent times.

The benefits of the QR code mobile payments feature are anticipated to massively reduce the use of cash at merchant terminals to help curb the spread of viruses, contain the fears of using cash, and provide an expedited and convenient purchasing process to both merchants and users.

The new QR code mobile payment feature is also inherently supported by ProgressSoft’s Interoperable Mobile Payment Switch, PS-mpClear (or JoMoPay), which was granted by ProgressSoft to the Central Bank of Jordan and Jordan National Payments Council in 2014 to enable full interoperability in Jordan’s mobile payments ecosystem.

ProgressSoft is honored to be assisting the Jordanian government and entities and will continue to assess how it can best serve its clients in the battle against COVID-19.