ProgressSoft Sponsors Hello World Kids Organization to Pilot Programming Curriculum at Public Schools

Amman, Sep 17, 2015

In a continuous effort to bring out the country's best potential and to nurture the talents and develop great programmers, ProgressSoft and in cooperation with Hello World Kids Organization, signed to sponsor an initiative aimed at introducing Programming curriculum to the official educational system in Jordan for the Elementary School level.

The initiative will teach Programming to 3rd grade students in 4 different public schools in Amman, where by the end of each semester, the students will exhibit their projects to showcase what they learnt and how they applied it in real life.

At the end of the academic year, Hello World Kids Organization will present the results of the initiative to the Ministry of Education to assess and evaluate the curriculum and make a decision on introducing it officially to the educational system around the country.

ProgressSoft sponsored this great project to support educating a generation of programmers that will excel in the future, and gain programming experience and knowledge as they grow up, which gives them stronger abilities in the future when they apply it in the market. This essentially leads to a generation of creative thinkers, who will affect the entire future of Jordan's economy.