CBPC 2018 – Another Year, Another Remarkable Success

Singapore, June 28, 2018

The Central Bank Payments Conference 2018 has come to an end, but its remarkable success has surely left delegates eager to participate in the third CBPC 2019 which will take place in the beautiful Berlin, Germany.

The CBPC two-day program, which took place in the city-state of Singapore, featured various topics that have enticed interesting discussion among presenters and delegates from approximately 50 central banks at the conference. The topics addressed the opportunities and challenges of Central Banks as they face technological advancements that are evolving at a rate considered very critical to the financial stability and economic growth of nations at large. This is in addition to topics that concern the future of Central Banks and their ever-evolving role and responsibility to maintain oversight, enhance financial inclusion and mitigate the risks of cyberattacks.

ProgressSoft’s co-founder and Chief Technical Officer, Mr. Ali Fada, was one of the presenters at the CBPC. Mr. Fada presented the topic of ‘Central Bank Digital Currency Implementation Approaches’, where he provided delegates with new insights about distributed ledger technology, the implementation use cases of CBDC, as well as its potentials as a new payments rail.

As the founding partner and sponsor of the conference, ProgressSoft was also delighted to showcase its latest advancements in the payments arena including the Total National Payments System (TNaPS), which has sparked the interest of central bankers and payment experts from across the globe who are seeking secure, interoperable and reliable real-time payment solutions that meet the needs of all agents present in the rapidly evolving payments ecosystem.

ProgressSoft’s TNaPS introduces a new payments paradigm to the arena as one system that consolidates payments, clearing and settlement solutions. TNaPS finalizes payments instantly using Blockchain-based Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) or by settlement of e-money through the Real-Time Gross Settlement system.

ProgressSoft was thrilled to take part in the CBPC 2018 and present its pioneering TNaPS to central bankers and payment experts of the globe, and we look forward to another year, and another remarkable success.