Electronic In-House Check Clearing Solution

Prompt OnUs

One of the key modules of PS-ECC Suite of Electronic Check Clearing Solutions is Prompt OnUs; the solution that is designed to process in-house checks where the payer and the beneficiary accounts reside within the same bank. The solution manages, clears, monitors and controls the clearing process across all bank branches. Therefore, OnUs inter-branch check clearing is optimized as it is unified with the country-wide check clearing channels, and is more reliable than ever before.

Banks are heading towards branchless banking by means of providing the maximum number of services via online channels. Prompt OnUs, along with Prompt Check - ProgressSoft's inter-bank check clearing solution, now enable the bank to avail check images and data online to its customers for their disposal, reducing branch visits and call center calls for copies or inquiries on issues pertaining to certain checks. Prompt OnUs provides a defined flexible workflow of approvals/forwarding that does not exist in Core Banking Systems and enables the bank to offer better services for its preferred customers.

Unified User Experience
Prompt OnUs furnishes a unified and consolidated user experience among all PS-ECC Suite Solutions.
A single sign-on can be used for all systems. Similar dashboards, as well as UI and usability consistency, result in minimizing the need for training of all bank users.

Single-Seat Handling of All Checks
Prompt OnUs enables single-seat OnUs clearing, covering check image and data capture, as well as technical and financial clearing. Checks are accepted via Prompt RDC and Prompt ATM check depositing channels. Processing of both deposit and cash checks can be done.

Higher Operational Efficiency
Integration between ProgressSoft's check clearing modules covers login, operations, workflow, administration and security perspectives. Unified internal and external regulatory reporting is furnished, in addition to unified Post-Dated Check (PDC) management for inter-bank checks and in-house inter-branch checks. Integration with ProgressSoft's Automated Signature Verification Solution (PS-ASV) can seamlessly take place.

Cost Savings
As the same Help Desk System is used, there is no need to manage additional support contacts and contracts. Customizations and enhancements can be done swiftly with no system integration headaches. Costly and time-consuming maintenance and support can be avoided. Utilization of a single archiving system for inter-bank and OnUs checks, plus the use of same hardware (e.g. scanners), also result in implementation and maintenance costs saving.

Product Suites

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Remote Deposit Capture Solution
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ATM/CDM Check Capture and Deposit Solution
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Electronic Check Archiving Solution
Prompt e-Check
Electronic Check Issuance
Prompt mRDC
Mobile Remote Deposit Capture
Prompt PDC
Post-Dated Checks Management Solution

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