ProgressSoft Holds its Annual Iftar and Corporate Gathering

Amman, June 14, 2017

Celebrating the Holy Month of Ramadan, ProgressSoft Corporation held its annual Ramadan Iftar and corporate gathering for employees and their families today at one of the most famous Syrian Restaurants in Amman, Naranj.

This annual event is a symbol of ProgressSoft’s appreciation of all its employees and a reflection of the company’s commitment to nurture a sense of belonging and a warm family atmosphere amongst its staff. Mr. Michael Wakileh, Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of ProgressSoft, thanked employees and their families for their remarkable effort and continuous support which has collectively contributed to ProgressSoft’s reputation, leading it to be a household name in the world of banking.

Following the Iftar, attendees were treated to a relaxing ambience of soothing Oud, Kanoun and Guitar melodies in addition to classic Arabic and English songs performed by a number of ProgressSoft’s own staff. Encouraged by the company to embrace their talent by offering them a stage for the evening, the performers practiced together prior to the event.