Automatic Signature Verification Solution


With a prime objective of reducing fraudulent checks that are constantly invading your payment channels, ProgressSoft delivers a reliable and efficient system to your financial institution: PS-ASV, the intelligent Automatic Signature Verification Solution. PS-ASV is capable of detecting simple, random and skilled forgeries.

PS-ASV enables the concerned user to manually or automatically select the signature from the check image and then automatically apply powerful enhancements on the extracted signature. The system hence analyzes and compares the processed signature with the genuine reference signatures that are immediately retrieved from the database. A decision is eventually made to accept or reject the signature.

Executive Overview
  • Automatic signature verification.
  • Substantial fraud reduction.
  • Extensive image Processing.
  • Streamlined teller transactions.

Signature Card Cropping
PS-ASV enables automatic cropping of the signature card retrieved from the Signature Verification Solution (PS-SIG) to ensure accurate matching between the selected signature and the reference signature. This is done by cropping the signature cards into one or more signature image, based on the signature rectangles defined in the default form in PS-SIG.

Automated Signature(s) Extraction
PS-ASV enables automatic extraction of signatures appearing on check images and financial documents. This is done by defining up to three signature areas on a standard check or document design, which allows automatic detection, cleanup and area adjustment. High-quality signatures that are eligible for verification are hence produced.

Accurate Signature Verification
PS-ASV facilitates the use of advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence engines, analytical and geometrical analysis, and pattern recognition, to provide an automatic method to compare the cleaned-up signature extracted from the check/document image with the automatically retrieved reference signatures.

Product Suites

Signature Verification & Management Solution
Automatic Signature Verification - Software Development Kit (SDK)

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